What Are Ticks

What are ticks

What are ticks? Anyone that lives in the south can tell you that these little bloodsuckers are all over the woods and swamps. The better question is how can you prevent them from being an issue for you! Ticks are in the arachnid family. They have 8 legs and range in size from 3-5 mm […]

How to Take a Hike

How to take a hike

In this post we want to cover how to take a hike. For most people the first step into a life full of outdoor activities is a day-hike. Exploring in the outdoors can easily become a lifelong passion; it starts with putting one foot in front of the other. The difference between a hike and […]

Backpacking Citrus Loop


Citrus Loop Hike/Backpacking – Jan 26-28, 2018. It’s time to put your skills to the test. Trip duration will be determined by group that registers. We are limiting the group to 8 plus 1-2 guides

Treehouse camping at Camp Chowenwaw Park

Tree House Camping Florida

We found this fun family friendly location from a Facebook post about treehouse camping and had to check it out. So we gathered up a group and headed out for a rainy summer weekend of relaxation! Making reservations was pretty easy on the county website. There are a number of forms you will be emailed […]

Guided Hikes for Groups and Individuals

Guided Hike

We are currently booking guided hikes at the following locations. Guided Hikes or Eco Tour┬átypically start at sunrise in the winter months and lasts 2-3 hours, though we can book afternoon guided hikes as well. Learn more about your natural surroundings while taking a relaxing walk at one of these great properties. Other locations are […]

Spring in Florida

First Day Hike

Everyone says there are no seasons in Florida. What they don’t realize is there is no seasons for those who spend their full year in air-conditioning and never leave the comfort of their homes. The seasons – though not near as strongly identified – are still ever present. As we move from spring to summer […]

Best Beach Camping in Florida

Beach Camping Florida

Florida has dozens of great beach camping spots, and most are not crowded from June through August. You just have to know where to go, what to bring and how to survive for a few days without, heaven forbid, air-conditioning. As I tell my kids, people lived in Florida for thousands of years before AC […]

Hiking in Winter Florida

Toothpetal Orchid

Winter is not one of the “prettiest” months to hike in Florida – but the weather is perfect! If you know where to look there are small surprises everywhere! During a recent hike at Brooker Creek Headwaters Preserve we found a number of flowers in bloom. Toothpetal False Rein Orchids (Habenaria floribunda) were popping up […]