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Learning with Not a Clue Adventures


Not a Clue Adventures has been offering Guided Eco Tours and hikes since we opened. These 2-4 hour excursions put you right in the middle of the wilds of Florida. As we hike our guides will point out different ecosystems, plants, animals and more. If you have a certain type of are you are interested in exploring please let us know. We can schedule a private Eco Tour or open it up to the public for others to join us.

What is an Eco Tour?

"Eco-tourism focuses on local cultures, wilderness adventures, volunteering, personal growth and learning new ways to live on our vulnerable planet." Learn more at

Our guides are some of the most experienced outdoors-persons in Florida. Their passion for the outdoors and sharing their skills is what brought them to work with Not a Clue Adventures .

Additional Guided Adventures are available and can be scheduled upon request.

Contact us directly for more information at 813-789-0904.