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Camping Fun Games For Kids
A little bit of planning will ensure you enjoy camping fun with your younger guests. Here are some fun activities to try. Scavenger Hunt – Kids love to participate in scavenger hunt games during camping sessions. The game should be held in a great outdoors, which is the perfect setup to hold such game. The… Continue reading Camping Fun Games For Kids
Connecting to the Outdoors
Connecting to the outdoors So you want to introduce someone to the outdoors? Florida has a statewide network of conservation centers, it is designed to encourage and empower kids to participate in traditional outdoor recreation. Experts teach them how to safely enjoy the outdoor heritage we have worked so hard to maintain. The FYCCN includes… Continue reading Connecting to the Outdoors
Are you ready for fall camping?
Are you ready for fall camping? The fall season may seem a ways off, but now is the perfect time for families and friends to make camping reservations. Fall starts on September 23 and serves as a great time to enjoy Florida’s campgrounds and recreational opportunities. Florida State Parks offer more than 50 family campgrounds… Continue reading Are you ready for fall camping?
Get Out with the Girls – Girls Night Out Glamping
Girls Night Out Glamping What a better way to de-stress than having no phone, internet or distractions! We can provide a wonderful prepared dinner (you bring the wine or adult beverage of your choice). We can arrange to have massage therapist on-site as well as other salon services. Yoga in the morning as the sun… Continue reading Get Out with the Girls – Girls Night Out Glamping