What joy can a single acorn bring?

Vito's Oak

What joy can a single acorn bring? Here is a story of just one special acorn. Vito gathered an acorn from a large tree in the forest and planted it in a pot  at his home with his 2 lovely young daughters and wife Kathy. They patiently waited and watched the acorn sprout and they […]

Connecting to the Outdoors

connecting to the outdoors

Connecting to the outdoors – So you want to introduce someone to the outdoors? Florida has a statewide network of conservation centers, it is designed to encourage and empower kids to participate in traditional outdoor recreation. Experts teach them how to safely enjoy the outdoor heritage we have worked so hard to maintain. The FYCCN […]

Kid’s Primitive Chef Class

kids primitive chef class

SOLD OUT – Kids Primitive Chef Class Sept 13, 10 am In celebration of “kids take over the kitchen” day — Kids will learn hands on how to cook some yummy treats over the campfire.