Connecting to the Outdoors

Connecting to the outdoors

So you want to introduce someone to the outdoors?

Florida has a statewide network of conservation centers, it is designed to encourage and empower kids to participate in traditional outdoor recreation. Experts teach them how to safely enjoy the outdoor heritage we have worked so hard to maintain. The FYCCN includes Wild Outdoor Hubs offering deep-woods experiences that connect to Near Outdoor Centers offering experiences closest to children in their everyday lives. Visit for more information and to view their Upcoming Events


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service offers tips on how to combat people's fear of the outdoors, too:

• Admit your fears, show that you can have fun outside despite them.

• Teach your friends and youth  not to feed wild animals. Most negative encounters between people and wildlife involve animals that have become habituated to people.

• Everyone moves at their own pace. Your idea of adventure might be a backcountry wilderness weekend. But for some going afield for the first time it might better enjoy an afternoon at the local park.

• Show your excitement for the outdoors! If you're enjoy having fun outside, your companions are more likely to reflect that behavior.

• Explain things. Replace myth with fact. People are less likely to fear what they understand.