Spring in Florida
Hooded Pitcher Plant Spring in Florida

Spring in Florida

Everyone says there are no seasons in Florida. What they don't realize is there is no seasons for those who spend their full year in air-conditioning and never leave the comfort of their homes.

The seasons - though not near as strongly identified - are still ever present.

As we move from spring to summer there are some very identifiable changes. The days are getting more humid as the warm winds from the south carry moisture across our peninsula. The beautiful flowers that were springing up from every spot they could grab ground are now seeding and withdrawing till fall.

Spring is when we start seeing young deer in the meadows and wild turkey are strutting for their potential mates. The songbirds filled the forest with pleasant and cheerful tunes are heading back north to breed on their home grounds, leaving still a strong population of native song and shorebirds. The Swallow-Tailed Kites are arriving to nest and the hawks and eagles are fledging. Back in March the otters were mating and now is the time for alligators to traverse to new territories for love.

Spring is a very "noticeable" season for those that choose to experience it!

We still have some time as the mornings and evenings are still cool. Choose to take some time and get outdoors to enjoy and experience of our  Spring in Florida

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