Learning New Skills with the Ladies
Learning New Skills with the Ladies

Learning New Skills with the Ladies

Each year all over the USA there are Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshops. These workshops are wonderful for introducing new skills to adventurous women of all ages. This year I was helping teach a number of freshwater fishing classes.

Day one  started out very at a very chilly for Florida 24  degrees. After spending the night tent camping I was grateful to have my MK Stagecoach Jacket to wear to fend off the cooler temps. The hand warmer pockets were put to good use!

Class 1 was pan fishing. We talked about line, rods, reels most of the ladies were familiar -the big questions were how do I tie on my own hook and how do a take a fish off the hook.

This did not surprise me. So many of the ladies had gone fishing with the Dad or brothers growing up. The thing that troubled them was why did they never get taught to do these things! Tying knots is simple enough. and learning how to remove a hook from a fish, though a dirty job is something every fisherman should know. So fellas - teach your sisters, daughters and girlfriends everything - so they are well prepared to enjoy the sport of fishing even when you are not around.

We received the same responses from the Bass Fishing class participants as well. All the women from both classes had no trouble casting, most even know about the lures and bait. I must say it felt great leaving with 30+ more ladies heading out with all the skills they need to be able to go fishing on their own.

By the end of the weekend many of the ladies were sporting their new MK Organic Tee's (won as door prizes) and thanking all the wonderful volunteer instructors for taking the time to teach them new and useful skills.

Watch out fellas....these gals just may out fish you!