Hiking the 7 Mile Challenge at Torreya
Hiking the 7 Mile Challenge at Torreya

Torreya Hiking 7 Mile Challenge

Join us to hike the 7 Mile Challenge May 6-8th - We will be taking a small group on a 1 day backpacking trip to Torreya State Park to prepare for hikes in Tenn. later this year. This is a strenuous 7 mile challenge hike for Florida residents not experienced in elevation changes. There are bluffs exceeding 130 ft. and it is very similar to hiking the A.T.

Attendees are privately car pooling and splitting the cost of travel.

There is no charge for this hike as we are just attending as a group. There is a fee to enter the State Park.

You are responsible for all your own gear and supplies.

This trip is not for beginners! If you are interested in joining us to be part of the group and for a personal challenge please contact us at 813-789-0904