Cast Iron Restoration Class
Cast Iron Restoration Class

Join us for this hands on Cast Iron Restoration Class

Do you have an old, rusty piece of cast iron cookware you want to restore back to usable condition?

This is the perfect hands on class to learn how to do that! Bring your skillet, pot, or Dutch oven (not the enamel coated ones). We provide all supplies needed to restore 1 piece of cookware per person.

Learn how to restore your cast iron cookware in our class or at home.

Note: This class is held outdoors - lots of room for social distancing. We will have cold water available throughout class.

Limit 5 persons

$20 prepaid per person
August 29 9 am-12 noon

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How do you recondition a cast iron skillet?

1. Scrub your cast iron with steel wool.
2. Wash with warm water; use soap if desired.
3. Dry your skillet completely.
4. Coat the entire skillet using a small amount of vegetable oil.
5. Place aluminum foil on the bottom rack of your oven. ...
6. Heat your oven to 350°F.

Can Cast Iron be ruined?

Don’t Let it rust
Don’t store properly
Do not overheat
Do not change temperature quickly
Do not drop on a hard surface
Not cleaning