Campfire Safety
campfire safety

Campfire Safety is very important at home or in the backcountry

campfire safety

As the cooler, dryer air moves into Florida we all want to be outdoors more. Nearly everyone enjoys a campfire and sharing stories with friends. But as fall progresses everything starts to dry up, leaves start to fall and fire hazards increase. If we take a few simple precautions we can prevent fire accidents.

Campfire safety tips for kids from Smokey the Bear

Always start a campfire in an existing fire circle or fire pit. Keep a hose within reach of the fire area or a full bucket of water in case the fire gets to high, if the wind picks up or to put the fire out when you are done for the evening.

Do not have a campfire during windy conditions as the sparks can carry and start a wildfire somewhere else. Keep your fires small and controlled. For safety do not allow running or horseplay around the fire. The most important tip is to make sure you extinguish the fire properly before leaving it. Pour water on all embers (not just the red ones) and stir well with a shovel. When heat is no longer felt in the fire pit it is safe to leave.

Have a fun and safe campfire season and don’t forget the s’mores!

Want to learn more about campfire safety schedule a campfire and fire starter class for your small group.