3 Day Upper Suwannee River Trip
3 Day Upper Suwannee River Trip

3 Day Guided Upper Suwannee River Trip 2024

This guided 3 day Upper Suwannee River Trip is 100% primitive. Your guide will escort you down one the the most beautiful rivers in our nation. This trip in not for beginner kayakers.

Event Date Oct 3-6 (Oct. 3 optional)


BYOB (bring your own boat) save $50
If you do not have a canoe/kayak one can be reserved (and is included in price) at http://www.aca1.com/

Cost $350 per person - This is a training trip. On this outing you will learn how and what to pack and how to prepare for future trips that you may want to do

Trip Details : We will be traveling from Fargo, Ga. to White Springs, Fl. With a 200 yard portage around Big Shoals (no one will be permitted to ride out the shoals) You will have to assist with the portage and must be able to lift and carry 50 lbs.

Experience Level - Strong - 50+ mile, portages, downed trees and some open water paddling with headwinds

This trip will be limited to 7 persons
Pre-Paid Reservations required. Click here to reserve

OPTIONAL PRE-EVENT CAMPING on our 3 Day Upper Suwannee River Trip

We will be camping locally Thursday night because we have a very early shuttle at 8:00 am - Primitive Cabin for 4 is $60.00, Primitive tent site 2 tents/4 persons cost $35.00. We will all split the cost on the camping for those that want to join us.

Directions: Outfitter we will be using is American Canoe Outfitter 10610 Bridge St. White Springs, Florida 32096 John and his wife are wonderful and we have been using them for years.

Please bring cash to tip the shuttle driver (if you have your own boat it is suggested no less than $20)

Question on packing and gear - Please call her directly to arrange 813-789-0904.

We will have a couple camp stoves and will start a group FB chat a week before the event on FB to discuss getting items together for the Friday/Saturday meals and if we want to get together to go out for a meal Thurs PM or cook at camp.

Meals (Supper Friday, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast Sunday) will be provided and prepared.

Please bring lunch for the first day and adequate snacks/drinks.

Alcohol is not permitted.
Please notify staff when reserving of any special diet requirements at time of reservation.

Do not pack more than your kayak can hold remember your tent/hammock will need to fit in your boat as well! AND there is not a lot of space in the van if we fill it with participants.

Packing for our 3 Day Upper Suwannee River Trip:
tent/hammock (provided)
compact - sleeping bag/pillow (optional/in dry bag)
Bug Spray/Sun Block/Hat/Glasses
Change of clothes for sleeping and for drive home (latter can be left in your vehicle)
swim shoes, bathing suit, long sleeve shirt to block sun and for chilly am
rain poncho
heavy snacks, water and toiletry items
camera, water toys, mess kit for meals


NO ALCOHOL on the river - Water and Alcohol do not mix.

More questions call Jeanene 813-789-0904