New Study Shows Americans’ Deep Appreciation for Nature, Barriers to Connection

Kids Camp Cooking

New Study Shows Americans’ Deep Appreciation for Nature, Barriers to Connection  Contact with nature is an important part of growing up and linking Americans to one another; competing priorities and other factors impede getting outdoors.  The findings from an unprecedented national study of Americans’ relationship to nature reveal an alarming disconnection, but also widespread opportunities […]

National Parks Road Trip Days 8-End

More than halfway though our National Parks Road Trip… Before leaving Bluff, UT we took the advice of the staff at Cottonwood Steakhouse and visited Sand Island , a BLM property offering very nice camping sites and excellent launching facility on the shores of the San Juan River. We were hiking out to see the […]

National Parks Road Trip Days 5-7

Let me start by saying a National Parks Road Trip in the Southwest is a great place to break your habit or addiction to your wi-fi toys! I have not typed up a blog due to lack of reliable signal pretty much anywhere unless you pay for a hotel. Since we are camping many nights, we […]

National Parks Road Trip Day 3-4

When I say the Grand Canyon is on my bucket list you have to understand for how long it has been there, Remember when the Brady Bunch was on at primetime? Most of you cannot – but the day that episode aired in 1971 I was mesmerized and few days went buy since that I […]

National Parks Road Trip Day 1-2

Taking our first vacation in 10 years was not an easy thing to do. It seems our daily lives have been so busy and life has been so crazy that this trio was 5 years in the planning. Originally set as our honeymoon trip 5 years ago, things just changed. So finally we are on […]

Over 50 Adventures ROCK!

BOW Suwannee River Trip

Just got back from an AMAZING overnight kayak trip down the Suwannee River in what I must say was my most enjoyable river trip to date. Guiding for the Florida Becoming an Outdoors Woman program (Beyond BOW) put me in charge of 6 mostly beginner paddlers for a scenic trip via kayak down the river. […]

What joy can a single acorn bring?

Vito's Oak

What joy can a single acorn bring? Here is a story of just one special acorn. Vito gathered an acorn from a large tree in the forest and planted it in a pot  at his home with his 2 lovely young daughters and wife Kathy. They patiently waited and watched the acorn sprout and they […]

Spring in Florida

First Day Hike

Everyone says there are no seasons in Florida. What they don’t realize is there is no seasons for those who spend their full year in air-conditioning and never leave the comfort of their homes. The seasons – though not near as strongly identified – are still ever present. As we move from spring to summer […]

Best Beach Camping in Florida

Beach Camping Florida

Florida has dozens of great beach camping spots, and most are not crowded from June through August. You just have to know where to go, what to bring and how to survive for a few days without, heaven forbid, air-conditioning. As I tell my kids, people lived in Florida for thousands of years before AC […]

5 Tips for When You’re Sick in the Woods


Found this wonderful article 5 Tips for When You’re Sick in the Woods at written by Ryan Masters and had to share I hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two from it. While on a camping trip in the summer of 2014, as I was sitting near a campfire with my family and friends, I began […]