Low Cost Camping Options
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Are you looking for low cost camping options?

Maybe you do not have a lot of gear, know where to go, or have any experience? We hope this article helps you move forward with your outdoor journey.

At Not a Clue Adventures we have been providing Camping 101 Training, Concierge Camping and Guided Camping in Florida for over 10 years. Not only do we have a lot of experience on where to go camping in Florida, but we also know what camping gear works, what camping gear fails, and what gear just has no justifiable use.

We provide the camping equipment

Currently we have enough camping gear to easily take appx. 65 persons camping, saving you the need of having to purchase and store gear. When you book a camping adventure with us all you have to bring are your personal items. We take care of the tent, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, lights, chairs, camp cooking and more. recent research has shown us that for an average family of 4 camping equipment will average around $450 USD. With Not a Clue Adventures there is no need to go camping with un-tried gear. After your camping trip you would also have to learn how to set up, clean and maintain this gear. After camping trips you would also have to have a place to store you camping gear. When you arrive to camp you can learn how to set up your campsite or you can arrive to your campsite ready to occupy.

We provide the camping meals

With so many options for cooking meals while camping, coolers for camping foods and cookware for camping, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars getting your camp kitchen together. Not a Clue Adventures has all you need for Open Fire Cooking, Foil Pack Cooking, Grilling, Dutch Oven Cooking, pie iron cooking and camp stove cooking. We will work with you to plan a specific menu for your camping trip and we will shop, prep, store and ice down as needed food and drinks as part of your booking our services.

We know the best camping spots to fit your needs and budget

There are so many options for places to camp that they cannot be listed in this article. But to give you some idea on costs normally your private land, National and State park camp sites will cost you the most - this is due to the additional amenities and or natural sites on or near their locations. Amenities can include flushing toilets, showers, water and electric at each campsite, swimming pools, camp stores, gift shops, wifi, trash and laundry services & guided activities.

If you are looking at free to no cost camp sites you have to be willing to give up some conveniences. Free sites typically do not offer electric, you wont find flushing toilets most of the time either due to limited water availability. Occasionally you may not even find picnic tables or fire rings. The best sites really are hike in only and offer the wildest adventures.

Camping in Florida

In Florida we have many options for free camping including our Florida State Forests and Wildlife Management Areas . Thought these can be free to low cost you may have to call for a permit. Please plan ahead and prepare as needed.

We hope this article has helped you see how you can get out and enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank! Please give us a call to book your next guided camping  or outdoors adventure in Central Florida and let us show you how we can take some of the "crap out of camping". 🙂