Backpacking Citrus Loop
guided backpacking Citrus Loop

Backpacking Citrus Loop

Guided Backpacking Citrus Loop

January 24-26, 2020.  It's time to put your skills to the test. Trip duration will be determined by group that registers for the backpacking 101 class on Jan 18th. We are limiting the group to 8 plus 1-2 guides

Our plan is to hike the "B" and "C" Loop starting Friday AM - Sunday  afternoon but we could change that after we see skill and fitness level of those attending. If you are interested in camping the night before we will reserve a space or two as needed. Vehicles will be left at this location.

Citrus A Loop Trail is 8.6 miles.
Citrus B Loop Trail is 17.3 miles.

Citrus C Loop is 16.9 miles.
Citrus D Loop is 19.4 miles.

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Experience Elevation Changes Backpacking Citrus Loop

This hike does offer some elevation changes. This is also a "dry trail" We will have to "cache" water along forest trails Thursday evening or Friday AM prior to heading out.

We do ask that you take some time to train for this hike. Walk with some weight on your back 2-4 miles per day in your hiking shoes/boots. This will make the trip more enjoyable not only for you but for your fellow hikers. If you are interested in hiking further we must be notified in advance to get the proper paperwork for permits approved. Costs are $65 per day, per person.

Please contact Jeanene for more information and to be put on the contact list. 813-789-0904

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