Guided Camping in Central Florida


Camping Central Florida

We provide all the gear and the guide – you can experience Real Florida with us!

So your interested in Guided Camping in Central Florida, you have never been camping  or, maybe not since boy or girl Scouts? Just visiting Florida and did not want to haul all your gear on the plane? Maybe you have small children and camping just seems like too much “work”? Have you ever wondered if there was “Scouting” for adults? We can help!

Here are some starter tips and information. For the real hands on experience call to reserve your guided camping trip in Central Florida  with us today!


Camping in Central Florida

Time of year – Best time to camp in Florida is late October – April, but we do camp year round! In late fall through spring there are less bugs and much lower humidity with cooler temperatures. These factors make for a much more enjoyable trip.

Budget – First and foremost your budget and the amount of people going camping will determine your type of camping. There are many forms of camping such as primitive, car camping and trailer/camper camping. Here at “Not A Clue” we concentrate on providing all you need to have a great time. Once you have some time in to get the feel for what you want for you and your family we can counsel you on where to go to shop for your outfitting needs. You will in time  decide what size of tent or camper to buy. These are also available for rent if you do not feel a purchase suites your situation. Many modern tents can be set up easily even by one person. Campers are a more expensive option, but suite some persons/families better as they are full of conveniences such as appliances and bathrooms. Tents and campers do require different maintenance and serve different needs. Both are available in many sizes and styles. When camping with us you will have the opportunity to set up different types of tents and will be able to have a better idea of what you are comfortable with.

Using a Guide when Camping Central Florida

This is a wonderful way to get away and still have time for families to bond. Everyone gets the opportunity to work together and enjoy each other, you may even find out that you have more in common than you thought! Include everyone in helping set up the camp, making a fire and even with the outdoor cooking and cleanup. Everyone will walk away having gained confidence from their experiences. Remember you learn not only by watching but also by doing and when you camp with “Not A Clue” you will have a lot of hands on opportunities!.  If all that work seem too much for your our “Concierge Camping Service” may be just what you are looking for – arrive at camp and it is set up and ready for you to enjoy, we prepare your meals and even break down camp when your trip is over.

Planning a camping trip in Florida

Take your time planning your trip, this is one of the most important parts of being able to enjoy camping in Florida. Better yet, book with Not a Clue Adventures and enjoy all the services we have to offer! From Equipment to quality prepared meals and activities. We guarantee you a great adventure!

Book an outing with us and I promise it will give you more info than you will absorb just skimming through text on the internet. We do group and private camping trips, backpacking, and kayaking adventures, birthday parties/outings and more! Have more questions, give us a call 813-789-0904

See you in the woods!