Len Foote Hike Inn Trip

Len Foote Hike Inn is a very unique location located near Dawsonville, Ga. we will be taking a group of 6 (including one of our team) on the five-mile trek through the foothills of North Georgia for this multi day hiking and camping experience. On Thursday we will meet (or carpool early morning) at Amicalola… Continue reading Len Foote Hike Inn Trip

Backpacking 101 2 Day Workshop

TO BE RESCHEDULED – The Backpacking 101 2 Part Workshop Jan 16 and 23-24, 2020 will give you the BASIC Introduction to Backpacking. This is a 2 day class. Part 1 is instruction located at Chinsegut Conservation Center in Brooksville we will review equipment, Leave No Trace, where and how to backpack and more. Following… Continue reading Backpacking 101 2 Day Workshop

What Are Ticks

What are ticks? Anyone that lives in the south can tell you that these little bloodsuckers are all over the woods and swamps. The better question is how can you prevent ticks from being an issue for you!   Ticks are in the arachnid family. They have 8 legs and range in size from 3-5… Continue reading What Are Ticks

Backpacking Citrus Loop

Backpacking Citrus Loop Guided Backpacking Citrus Loop January 24-26, 2020.  It’s time to put your skills to the test. Trip duration will be determined by group that registers for the backpacking 101 class on Jan 18th. We are limiting the group to 8 plus 1-2 guides Our plan is to hike the “B” and “C”… Continue reading Backpacking Citrus Loop

Guided Overnight Hike Chinsegut/Perry Oldenberg

April 18-19,2019 We are offering a guided overnight hike through the Chinsegut Conservation Area https://myfwc.com/recreation/lead/chinsegut/ , overnight primitive camping at Colonel Robin’s Camp. We will also hike out to and through Perry Oldenberg https://myfwc.com/recreation/lead/perry-oldenburg/wildlife/ and possibly visit Big Pine Tract as well https://myfwc.com/media/6353/chinsegut_trails.pdf There is no charge if you take the May 11 backpacking 101… Continue reading Guided Overnight Hike Chinsegut/Perry Oldenberg

Guided Hikes for Groups and Individuals

We are currently booking guided hikes at the following locations. Guided Hikes or Eco Tour typically start at sunrise in the winter months and lasts 2-3 hours, though we can book afternoon guided hikes as well. Learn more about your natural surroundings while taking a relaxing walk at one of these great properties. Other locations are… Continue reading Guided Hikes for Groups and Individuals

Flat Island Preserve – Camping Geocaching Primitive Chef Class

Flat Island Preserve – Camping Geocaching & Primitive Chef Class This Saturday event is FREE and open to families Flat Island Preserve – Lake County Friday night camping free with reservation ($10 for tent rental from Not a Clue Adventures – pre reservation required) Enjoy an afternoon in the outdoors learning outdoor skills from experience… Continue reading Flat Island Preserve – Camping Geocaching Primitive Chef Class

Hiking in Winter Florida

Hiking in Winter Florida Winter is not one of the “prettiest” months to hike in Florida – but the weather is perfect! If you know where to look there are small surprises everywhere! During a recent hike at Brooker Creek Headwaters Preserve we found a number of flowers in bloom. Toothpetal False Rein Orchids (Habenaria… Continue reading Hiking in Winter Florida