Open Fire Cooking

 Humans have been preparing meals via open fire cooking since we have been able to make fire – possibly even before!

Open Fire Cooking

Open Fire Cooking


There are 3 ways to cook over charcoal or open fire coals:

Direct – you are cooking right over coals

Indirect – Cooking off to the side of the coals

Multi Level  (or staggered) – For cooking items at different speeds and temperatures


Direct Grilling

Great for foods like hamburgers and hotdogs. Quick searing locks in the juices and they need a relatively short cooking time.

Indirect Grilling

Used more for larger portions of meats, consider this method to be like roasting. You will set your coals off to  both sides of your item to be cooked. Cooking this way will take longer, usually over an hour.

In addition you can use wood chips to add an additional “smoked” flavor to the meal. Another option is to add a small pan of beer or apple juice to add flavor as well.

Multi Level Grilling

A good option for searing your meat to lock in the juices then slowly roasting to final desired temperature is to have varied temperatures on your grilling surface. You can use this method also to keep warm additional servings for entertaining larger crowds. Best done by stacking coals heavy on one side of grill and moving meal to the side as it completes its cooking cycle