Campfire Cooking

Campfire Cooking

Camp Fire Cooking

Camp Fire Cooking

Your Goal: have all the wood turn into coals at the same time – no flames – even heat – less clean up for your cookware

Picking  the site

Your fire should be no less than 8 feet from any trees or bushes or forest floor debris. Be sure no tree branches overhang the site.

Outline your fire pit area (if not using a designated spot in a campground which is always preferred) Make a U-shaped perimeter using large rocks or wet logs. If weathers is windy you will want to have back of your firepit face the wind.

The back of the U-shape pit should be flat and higher than the sides to “guide” the smoke up and out of the way.

Lay the foundation of your fire

Start with very small tinder like dry twigs or pine straw. Fine paper or dry grasses are good also.

Assemble in alternating layers  – like a raft, alternating direction with each layer. Use thin splits of wood or small dead branches. Do not put kindling down “teepee style”. The whole fire area should be covered with the kindling stack.


Light the edges to start your fire.

Slowly add larger items in the same manor to build the fire, taking time for each layer to catch and burn down equally to coals

When the last flames die down leaving mostly white coals, pile the coals into a higher level at the back end and lower level at the front. This will give you varied temperatures to cook on. Or, level the coals to your preference.

To cook

Set your grill over the rocks or wet logs. Put food directly on oiled grill or in your preferred cookware and prepare your meal. If cooking directly on the grill, a splash or spray of water is good for taming any flames that light up that are caused by food drippings. Move coals around as needed to regulate temperature as needed

Be Safe

Remember a fire is like a 2 year old child – it must always be watched! Before settling down for the night you must make sure your fire is out, extinguish thoroughly and soak with water. Turn rocks in on fire bed. It will be easy to reassemble the next day if required.