Manatee Viewing Cam

Manatee Viewing Cam – Live from Blue Springs, Florida

This Manatee Viewing Cam is a great way to enjoy Florida’s Manatee right from your desktop!

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West Indian manatees are large, gray aquatic mammals with bodies that taper to a flat, paddle-shaped tail. They have two forelimbs, called flippers, with three to four nails on each flipper. Their head and face are wrinkled with whiskers on the snout. The manatee’s closest relatives are the elephant and the hyrax (a small, gopher-sized mammal). Manatees are believed to have evolved from a wading, plant-eating animal. The West Indian manatee is related to the West African manatee, the Amazonian manatee, the dugong, and Steller’s sea cow, which was hunted to extinction in 1768. The average adult manatee is about 10 feet long and weighs between 800 and 1,200 pounds. – See more at:

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Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

Nesting season begins here in South FL Oct. 1. The eagles stay until late April or May.

These bald eagles have been coming to this nest for the past 6 years. They reside in this nest between the months of October and April. Before building this nest in 2006/07, the pair had a nest on the opposite side of Bayshore Road. This location is now known as Eagle Landing. This mature, mating pair continue to make Southwest Florida their winter home.