A Nutty Necklace

This nature-meets-fashion craft is a great activity for fall camping or hiking.

Capped acorns
Tacky glue
Fuzzy yarn and wool
Permanent marker

1.Gather capped acorns and carefully remove the caps.

2.To make hair, put one large drop of tacky glue on the top of each acorn and press wisps of fuzzy yarn and wool roving into it. After applying a second drop onto the wisps, put the caps back on and hold them on for one minute.

3.Use a permanent marker to draw faces. Trim the hair, then make “chains” by tying string around the cap stem and securing it with a drop of glue.


Our Campsite Sign

Stake out your campsite! Make a sign with your family name upon arrival.

Acorns, twigs, and leaves
Tacky glue

1.Before leaving the house, punch holes in a piece of cardboard and tie twine to it.

2.Collect acorns, twigs, and pretty leaves, then attach them to the cardboard with tacky glue and let it dry for 15 minutes. Hung from a branch at your campsite, the sign is a sweet greeting when you return from your hike.

“Have a Nut” Sailboat

Walnut shell
1.For each, you’ll need an intact half of a walnut shell (see our tip below).

2.Thread a leaf onto a twig for a mast and a sail. Secure the mast to the inside of the shell with a small ball of clay.

Tips:To open a walnut without breaking the shell (an adult’s job), hold it steady on a cutting board, insert the tip of a flathead screwdriver or a butter knife into the flat end of the seam, and carefully pry the halves apart.