Snipe Hunting

This game requires an adult. The adult is just going to go along with you, since this game has to be played at dusk or later. They are not there to carry your snipe bag or to protect you if you find a really big snipe. You are on your own for that one, so be careful and try to only catch the ones that you are capable of carrying.

What you will need to play this game:

  • A garbage bag or something else you can use to carry your snipes back in.
  • A stick or something for getting your snipes into the bag
  • A flashlight so that you can see the eyes of the snipes.
  • Bravery .. hunting snipes can get kind of scary sometimes

Okay .. here’s how it goes:

  • Get as many kids as you can find to play. The purpose of the game is to be the person with:
  • The BIGGEST snipe
  • The MOST snipes
  • You can set a time limit on this game if you want, but you must do it before you head out.

A little information on snipes:
Snipes do not hang around where it’s light, so the chances of you finding one right around camp is pretty slim. Snipes don’t like a lot of noise, so there’s another reason that you might not find one at camp. Snipes have really bright eyes, so when you shine your flashlight, pay attention .. you don’t want to miss one.

When it comes time to CATCH your snipes .. be VERY careful. They are quick .. and they really don’t want to go in a bag .. so .. be quick .. and watch your fingers.