Chain Story

No items needed for this activity, great for around a campfire! This is a great way to share some smiles and start to wind down before everyone settles in for the night.

Select a person to start with just a line or two of a story (this may be hard for young children at fisrt so be patient and give them some “hints”. Also, select a person to end the story after  everyone has had a turn or two.

You can start simply with “Once upon a time…..”, or “It was a dark and stormy night….” Each person at the fire then takes a turn adding to the story. Work your way around the circle a time or two and have pre-selected person end the story.

Younger children may find it easier adapting a favorite fairy tale or story once given a couple of started lines. Older kids love finishing sentences and can be very creative!

Be prepared for lots of laughs and changes in direction. The more the merrier!