How a Handheld GPS Can Be Your New Favorite Lifeline

Are you looking for a way to improve your adventures – be it kayaking, hiking, or camping? The reality is, any activity in central Florida can be greatly enhanced with the help of a handheld GPS. I have found that using a handheld GPS is much more effective than using a cell-phone when tracking your location or planning a route. Because they can be used in rain or shine, and with or without an Internet connection, handheld GPS devices are perfect for the toughest terrains and can keep you on track, no matter where you are exploring.
Buying a handheld GPS for your next outdoor outing is an investment that will definitely pay off, and the top 10 devices include:
eTrex by Garmin
Montana 680 Touchscreen GPS by Garmin
Rino 750 by Garmin
Oregon 650t GPS by Garmin
Garmin 64st
eTrex 10 by Garmin
eTrex 20x by Garmin
DeLorme InReach SE
Back Track G2 by Bushnell
Foretrex 401 by Garmin
For more details and reviews on these devices, check out this guide to the best handheld GPS systems for your wildest adventures in the great Floridian outdoors.

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