Guided Fishing Preferred Partners

Not a Clue Adventures does offer, on a small scale, private introduction to fishing outings –  mainly Kids’s Cane Pole Fishing for birthday’s, etc. and river fishing during various canoe and kayaking trips. Because of this, we have partnered with some great guides right here in Florida that we personally use and trust to send our clients to!

Strike Three Kayak Fishing

Owned and operated by Neil Taylor. At Strike Three Kayak Fishing, you are likely to intercept and catch a variety of the fish that swim in the Tampa Bay area. Beautiful scenery, clear waters and great fishing are also on the agenda! The “kayak fishing craze” is here to stay. Fishing kayaks are stable and much more comfortable than the kayaks of the past. Get first class instruction on using the kayaks to get to fish others cannot access and “learn it the right way!” You will be provided with all the equipment and instruction to make your trip a very enjoyable experience. That consists of the kayaks, the fishing equipment, tackle and the information on how to use it all. I will make you “better at fishing.” I evaluate your skills and add to them with what I know. Phone : (727) 692-6345, Email :[email protected] 


Highland Park Fish Camp

Highland Park Fish Camp in Deland, Florida is proudly frozen in time – it’s the way “old Florida” used to be, before theme parks arrived on the landscape. In 2012, they celebrated their 50th anniversary of the family owned fish camp, where the large mouth bass are biting year round. Hiring a Highland Park Fish Camp bass guide gives you a better chance to walk away with a catch. Our bass guides know their way around Lake Woodruff, Dexter, Beresford and the Central St. Johns River. Our guides have over a hundred years of experience combined. 2640 W. Highland Park Road, Deland, Fl 32720, 800-525-3477,  386-734-2334
Email: [email protected]


Ladies Lets Go Fishing! – The “No Yelling” School of Fishing

LLGF Seminars: Become an angler or improve your fishing skills in just one weekend!


Do you find people wait until you are reeling in a fish before they give a clue as to what to do? We aren’t BORN with this knowledge. That’s why we started the “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” seminar series, for training and real hands-on experience for women to learn how to fish, and a chance to go fishing on the water!  16 years and 6,000 graduates later, the ladies have spoken. THIS is what they needed. We didn’t forget about the ladies who are already fishing and want to improve – there’s a classroom for their level, too! Remember, “No Yelling!” Seminars are open to the public – you don’t need to belong to any group to attend!