Camping Birthday Parties and other Special Event Camping

Camping Birthday Parties

Now this is a birthday party that will last a lifetime in the memories of your children – and we do all the work! You bring the kids and the cake and we will bring the fun and activities! Camping Birthday Parties and Nature Themed Birthday Parties can follow many themes and offer a variety of activities. From Tracking to fishing, archery, fire making, Geo-caching, and wildlife photography we will custom fit your party to the child. We do not have a “one size fits all package” – we make each party special! Prices start at $200.00 for up to 5 Kids and $20.00 per each additional child (overnight camping is additional). Kids will have a group hike, fun activities and get to cook out at one of the local parks campground. Additional fees for overnight camping based on location and size of group.

Large Birthday Party

Trail Mix Bar

Party Favors

We have lots of activities to choose from!

  • Outdoor Photography
  • Tracking and Animal Identification
  • Geo-Caching
  • Archery
  • BackPacking
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Team Building Events
  • Family and Social Group Events
  • Eco-Tours
  • and More!

There are many other activities our guide can instruct you in. If you are looking for basic instruction in an outdoor activity give us a call! If we do not offer a service in that area we will refer you to someone who can!

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