Hiking the 7 Mile Challenge at Torreya

Torreya Hiking Challenge

May 6-8 We will be taking a small group on a 1-3 day backpacking trip to Torreya State Park to prepare for hikes in Tenn. later this year. This is a strenuous 7 mile challenge hike for Florida residents not experienced in elevation changes.

Backpacking Citrus Loop


Citrus Loop Hike/Backpacking – April 8-10, 2014. It’s time to put your skills to the test. Trip duration will be determined by group that registers. We are limiting the group to 8 plus 1-2 guides

Backpacking 101 Workshop

Backpacking 101

This class will give you the BASIC Introduction to Backpacking – March 12th, $35 per person

Girls Night Out Camping

Girls Night Out Camping

Girls Night Out Camping – What a better way to de-stress than having no phone, internet or distractions!